Better Financial DecisionsThrough Experienced Financial Planning

The Haas Financial Planning Process has developed an outstanding reputation within the financial services industry. Our process starts with a fact finding session to document your financial status and learn about you. This initial consultation is free of charge. Ongoing meeetings are scheduled at your request to cover any issues that may arrise, as long as you need us.

Social SecurityAnalysis

Jim Fydroski helps newly retired individuals and the soon-to-be retired compare and analyze the many options available to claim Social Security benefits based on life expectancies and special needs of the individual. The goal - to optimize payments over the retiree’s lifetime. Determining the best strategy can add $200,000 to $300,000 to a retiree's total benefits. A detailed comparison helps individuals to understand the impact of early benefits or postponing benefits, how spouses can use different payment options to provide income when it is needed, and how to integrate Social Security payments with other retirement benefits and savings to shape their financial security.

“It is truly amazing how much more a couple may be able to collect over their lifetimes.”
Jim Fydroski

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