Hass Fydroski develops an investment strategy focused on growing your assets and meeting your financial needs.
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Hass Fydroski analyzes your sources of income in retirement and how to best meet your needs.
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At Hass Fydroski we understand the importance of money in allowing you to achieve your goals. Financial planning helps turn goals into realities.
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At Hass Fydroski we do not believe in leaving your ivestment return to chance. Active management allows us to manage risk.
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Financial Security Requires a Blend of Expertise and Experience

Ultimately, our clients all have the same goal - financial security. Helping them achieve that goal is not a one-solution-fits-all, or a pick one - Aggressive, Moderate or Conservative - approach. At Haas Fydroski Financial Services, we bring a blend of disciplines and knowledge to helping our clients achieve financial security. At the core is investment management, because very few individuals can build wealth without putting their savings successfully to work. But the right investment approach also requires knowing the client, their lifestyle, financial requirements, and what they hope to be able to achieve through financial security.

  • Your initial consultation is free of charge.
  • Understanding your risk tolerance helps Haas Fydroski design an investment approach that you will stay with long term.
  • Analyzing your current investments is critical to the development of a properly diversified portfolio.
  • Financial decisions influence your prospect for financial security. Our financial planning expertise plays an important role in analyzing and assisting with decisions.
  • Risk management is a part of everything we do. This comes into play through our implementation of active investment management strategies.

Social Security Analysis

There are more than 100 different ways a couple can structure Social Security retirement benefits. Determining the best strategy can add $200,000 to $300,000 to your total benefits. Jim Fydroski helps newly retired individuals and the soon-to-be retired compare and analyze the many options available to claim Social Security benefits based on life expectancies and special needs of the individual.

Review Your Options

Schedule an appointment today. We promise you a no-pressure opportunity to explore your financial needs and your path to financial security. It could well be the most important meeting of your year.