A Customized Investment Approach

the right investment approach depends upon the individual
  • We want to know our clients:
  • Their financial objectives
  • The time frame for investing
  • Risk tolerance and ability to tolerate drawdowns
  • Circumstances that might impact investment suitability
  • How this investment fits in their overall financial situation

The Right Investment ApproachIs One that Fits the Client

Haas Fydroski Financial Services Inc. is an Investment Adviser registered with the state of Michigan. As a registered investment adviser, we serve as a FIDUCIARY to our clients. According to The Investment Adviser Association’s Standards of Practice, “As a fiduciary, an investment advisor has an affirmative duty of care, loyalty, honesty and good faith to act in the best interests of its clients.”

As a fiduciary, we believe it is essential to take an active approach to managing our client's portfolios. Our focus is that of a discretionary manager. In discretionary investment management, the client authorizes a portfolio manager to make buy-and-sell decisions without referring to the account holder. These decisions must, however, be made within agreed upon limits. The client’s investment policy statement, which we develop together at the start of every investment relationship, governs our ability to invest defensively or opportunistically on the client's behalf.

Investment recommendations are based on knowing the client. A portfolio may consist of mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, individual securities and appropriate insurance-based products. When our investment analysis indicates that the market may be in a significant decline, we will reposition portfolios to protect client assets.

With that said, all investments have the potential for loss as well as gain.Past performance is not indicative of future returns. There can be no guarantee that an active investment approach will reduce risk or result in competitive returns. Without active management, however, losses to bear markets are inevitable.

Our Duty as a Fiduciary

  • At all times place the interests of clients first;
  • Have a reasonable basis for our investment advice;
  • Make investment decisions consistent with any mutually agreed upon client objectives, strategies, policies, guidelines and restrictions;
  • Treat clients fairly;
  • Seek best execution for clients’ securities transactions where Haas Fydroski, as the advisor, directs such transactions;
  • Make full and fair disclosure to clients of all material facts about the advisory relationship, particularly regarding conflicts of interest; and
  • Respect the confidentiality of client information.

Investing forGrowth

Growth investing relies primarily on investments in equities. Because small-cap and mid-cap stocks and emerging market equities have traditionally generated greater growth than the less volatile "blue chip" stocks, growth portfolios tend to have a higher allocation of more volatile and higher risk positions. By combining a growth objective with active management, we strive to reduce the vulnerability of "growth" portfolios to market declines.

Investing forPreservation and Income

Dividend paying equities and mutual funds, and interest generating bonds are the primary vehicles for income investing and preservation. In this investment objective, the goal is to meet the client's needs for income while minimizing erosion of the portfolio's capital.

There are times when what matters the most is preservation of capital. As Mark Twain put it so well, "I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. "All investments have some measure of risk, one of which is the risk of inflation eating away at the value of your capital. At Haas Fydroski Financial Services, the goal of capital preservation is met through a combined focus on safety and modest income.